María, a different village in Los Vélez Region

María is a small town of the region of Los Vélez, with a population of around one thousand three hundred people.

María during a winter day

María is a beautiful town with a lot of amazing places and many things to do. First, you can go to the square. Here you will find the town hall, our church and the library. All the Sunday mornings we have a street market, and you can buy the typical fruit of the place and eat some churros while you see the rest. And during the summer we have a kiosk and some weeks with free cinema nights.
It’s 2 o’clock, you’re hungry and looking for a place to eat. Then we have a lot of restaurants and pubs. The most important restaurant is El Panzas, a very well valued restaurant with nice food. You will find it opposite the park, a recreative area. It has a football pitch, a little area for the children, a paddle court and the public swimming pool.
Restaurant El Panzas

And finally, you can go to the Hermitage of the Virgin. A very beautiful holy place. The Virgin of the Head is kept inside the church during the most part of the year.
In conclusion, if you like tranquility, nature and culture, you should visit María.

Artículo realizado por los alumnos: César y Alejandro Fernández Martínez (3º ESO A)
Profesora: Carmen Martínez Jover - IES JOSÉ MARÍN
Proyectos: Comunica, Innicia, Patrimonio

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